Best practices plus creativity is our formula for success day in and day out.  We have been doing this for years, we know what works but we love to be creative at the same time. We are always thriving to be better, and try new looks.

The personalization feature on this website takes a lot of the guesswork out of deciding on a font and thread color.  We have hundreds of fonts and you are able to see your name in our most popular ones when you use the 'CLICK HERE TO PERSONALIZE PRODUCT' feature for each product.  Our favorite block font is swiss, serif font is library and script font is winery.  HOWEVER look at the name Irene Mae Stockton in these 3 fonts!

Which would you choose or would you continue looking? Have fun and never hesitate to contact us for our opinion, we always have more font options to explore for you. 

The number one reason customers call us is to create a package like the ones we feature on Instagram.  Those packages are special but very accessible. Tell us what you like, what you want and how much you want to spend and we'll suggest something awesome.  We can lay it out for you, send photos, test fonts and thread colors for you!  Or you can give us a budget and we'll run with it with no need for the back and forth because you know every gift we send is amazing.

We also have a notes section on every product page for you to add more specifics to your order.  Do you like when we alternative the thread colors for every other letter in a name?  Or what about when you select letter with dots but you want the letter to be navy and the dots to be red...just add a note!  Be specific in your note and we'll do it.  Also - do the letters in the name look too close together or two far apart - DON'T WORRY our monogrammer and embroidery software will make the necessary adjustments.


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